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Frightening times call for friendly approachable advice; Biscoes is here to help.

We fully appreciate that Covid 19 has caused a lot of concern and anxiety for people and many find themselves wishing to either urgently make or review their Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney arrangements. Our Wills Team is fully available and can discuss your concerns immediately – call and speak to one or specialist advisers for assistance.

We are maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in our offices but if you would prefer not to attend there is no need to. We can offer telephone or video appointments to discuss your affairs and take your instructions. In many cases your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney can be drafted and sent out to you for signing at home, without you ever having to step foot in one of our offices.

If you are worried, please don’t suffer in silence; call us on 02392 660261 and ask to speak to one of the Team.

Why should you make a Will?

Well, Lawyers will always say that it is important to make a Will because without one:

  1. your property, possessions, money may pass [under the Rules on Intestacy] to family members you may distinctly dislike or do not deserve it and you may end up with family members whom you did not trust being appointed to administer your Estate
  2. if you have children, it would not be clear as to who should be looking after them and a Court might have to decide that issue
  3. if you are not married to your partner he or she will not automatically be entitled to occupation of your home, possessions or assets [eg death in service benefits, refund of pension contributions]
  4. if you are married, separated but not divorced, then your assets will still pass to your ex-spouse without a will to the contrary.

So when is the right time to make a Will?

Certainly if you have assets of more than £5,000 or own a property or if you have a child as you should be thinking about who will be his / her guardian if you pass away whilst he / she is under 18.  Someone with the same life values as you, whether a family member or good friend, would be the right choice so that assets could be invested and the income arising on those monies used for the child’s maintenance education and benefit.

You also need to decide at what age those children can actually by given the capital – if you say nothing, it will be 18 years and you probably remember what you were like at that age!  So choosing who would administer your Estate [your Executors] is also an important decision.

… and when you have completed the Will, look at it every 3 to 5 years to see if it suits your needs and expectations – it could be amended by a short document called a ‘codicil’ or you could do another will and tear up the old one.

Remember, for a modest investment of say approximately £3000 you could be saving your Estate thousands of pounds of legal fees if disputes arise.

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Our Will writing packages are available from:

£300 + VAT for an individual basic Will    

£500 + VAT for a pair of basic Mirror Wills  

We can help with:

  • Drafting Wills including Discretionary Will Trusts.
  • Advice for the Elderly
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • Applications to the Probate Registry
  • Preparing Deeds of Variation.
  • Administration of Estates.
  • Advice to Personal Representatives
  • Will storage service

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