Churches and Religious Organisations

To many people, members of the clergy of all faiths and denominations are thought to be above reproach and are trusted with the spiritual life of their congregation.

Sadly, it has become clear in recent years that some members of religious institutions use their position of trust in the community in order to abuse children and other vulnerable people.  The Church of England recently published a report which revealed a further 350 allegations of abuse against children and vulnerable adults.

How do I claim?

If the abuse was perpetrated by a member of the religious organisation with a position of responsibility, for example, a Vicar / Priest, Churchwarden, Choirmaster, or other volunteers, then it may be possible to bring a case against the Church itself.  The religious organisation can be found to be “vicariously liable” for the acts of its officials, even if the abuser was not formally employed by the Church.

Also, although it is in the planning stages the Church of England is planning to implement a Redress Scheme for survivors of abuse.  It is also believed the Catholic Church in England and Wales is looking at a similar scheme although this may be a longer way off.

How can we help you?

We have extensive experience in bringing cases against religious bodies in England and Wales for abuse perpetrated by their employees or people who held roles within the organisation.  If you wish to know more about your legal rights, please speak to us in complete confidence and we can advise you about taking the next step.   


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