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Young Offenders Institutions and Secure Childrens Homes

The issue of abuse by staff charged to look after young people detained within the Criminal Justice System was investigated by the recently published Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). 

The Inquiry’s findings were that children are particularly vulnerable when placed in a closed institution where access to the outside world is restricted.  There is a marked imbalance of power between the staff and children - who often have a distrust of authority figures - making it harder to come forward if they have been abused. 

How do I claim?  

Where the abuse was perpetrated by a member of staff, or someone with a position of responsibility within this setting then it may be possible to establish the institution is “vicariously liable” for the acts of the person who committed the abuse.  

How can we help you?

We have extensive experience in bringing cases against Children’s Homes and Young Offenders Institutions.  We have also advised a number of people who were detained at Medomsley Detention Centre.  If you have been affected by this and wish to know more about your legal rights, please speak to us in complete confidence and we can advise you about taking the next step


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