Contract Disputes

However carefully drafted your contract may be, disputes will arise in which will cause delays and complications in completing the contract or alternatively the contract may have been completed but not in compliance of the terms

If you find yourself in a dispute in respect of a contract we can provide you with practical advice as to your position, advising on the various alternative methods of resolving the dispute, including negotiation mediation or arbitration.

We will work with you to avoid Court proceedings where we can, however if it becomes necessary, we are able to advise you in pursuing or defending actions in the County Court and the High Court, including seeking urgent interim remedies and injunctions if necessary.

We can advise in the following areas when it comes to contract disputes:

  • Breach of contract/warranty claims
  • Differences as to the interpretation of contractual provisions or retention of title claims
  • Disputes in respect of goods and services
  • Claims concerning misrepresentation
  • Defended debt claims

We recognise the costs and expense of litigation, so we will discuss with you your options regarding funding as certain claims may be funded under a Conditional Fee Agreement.  We can also act on your behalf if you have legal expenses insurance.  We also offer in most circumstances an initial fixed fee consultation of £125.00 plus vat to initially asses the claim and advise you regarding the options available to you including the costs of those proceedings

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