Human Rights and Other Applications

This category covers other visa related applications. These include:

  1. Discretionary Leave: The major purpose of this route is to maintain a just, resolute and well-organized system of immigration where individuals that do not fulfil the requirements are asked which in general terms to leave the UK whilst also carefully putting into consideration individuals of unusual and sympathetic situations which could warrant discretionary leave. For more information click here Discretionary Leave
  2. Subject Access Request: this application in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998 grants a person the right to know what information on them is held by the authorities. Information on why the information is held, to whom it is given to can also be made available. For more information, click Subject Access Request.
  3. Returning Residence Visa UK: An individual who was previously settled in the United Kingdom on Indefinite Leave of Remain who have either misplaced his/her documentation or has been abroad for two years and above can apply for a Returning Resident Visa so as to return and settle. See more information returning Residence Visa UK.
  4. Transfer of Conditions Application (TOC): If an individual’s passport expires, he/she might be able to transfer his/her visa to a new passport. This is dependent on place of application (within or outside the UK) and the Status of the Visa held by the individual. For information, click here Transfer of Conditions Application (TOC).
  5. No Time Limit Application (NTL): This application is for individuals who have been issued indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK but they seek for their status be confirmed on a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP); or have changed their name, gender or nationality; or the date of birth contained in their document is not correct. For more information click No Time Limit Application (NTL)
  6. Immigration Bail Application: Individuals who are held by the UKBA for reasons concerning immigration can make an application for bail after which they might be released on the basis that some conditions be met. For more information, click Immigration Bail Application

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