Sperm Donation

If a man wishes to donate sperm, there are certain eligibility criteria that he must satisfy.  He will need to provide certain information about himself, together with a goodwill message.

This information will be recorded on the HFEA Register of Information and can be accessed by the donor-conceived child at age 18 (although more limited non-identifying information can be accessed by them at age 16). This information could be used by the donor-conceived child to contact the donor.

Sperm can be frozen for fertility treatment at a UK licenced fertility clinic. Donated sperm is usually stored for 6 months prior to treatment so that the donor can be screened for certain infections. In the UK, a donor can donate sperm to up to 10 families, and therefore, any donor-conceived child could have multiple half-siblings.

If sperm donation is not taking place at a licenced clinic, the donor and the recipient should strongly consider entering into a Co-Parenting Agreement. This ensures that both parties have fully considered the legal and practical implications for the whole family.

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