Business Dispute Resolution

The firm handles many contentious and debt claims, especially Customer/ Supplier contracts between disputing parties through its Litigation department but as founder member of the Solent Mediation Group, only the second such group to register with the Civil Mediation Council, and with the approval and support of the local Court Service, Biscoes are at the forefront, both locally and nationally, of seeking solutions to disputes by Mediation, otherwise known as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Mediation is a means of resolving disputes to the satisfaction of everyone involved, without the need of going to Court, through the services of an impartial mediator. Businesses should be enthusiastic to embrace this method of dispute resolution as it brings the parties together within days of the dispute arising in a secure environment, with a view to saving huge potential legal costs and wasted time, even possibly preserving working relationships for the future.

Mediation can be used even if a dispute is already subject to court proceedings. If both parties wish to mediate the court should be informed and an order staying the action for mediation may be issued.

The process is completely voluntary so a party cannot be forced to take part in mediation and can choose to withdraw from the process at any time, and it is the parties rather than the mediator, who decide on the terms of the settlement.

Mediators are responsible for developing effective communications and building consensus between the parties. Their aim is to help the parties find a mutually agreeable solution.

The Mediation process is completely confidential and:

  • Is confidential
  • Is unbiased
  • Is voluntary
  • Encourages disputes to settle at an early stage
  • Puts you in control
  • Is less stressful than going to Court
  • Could be cheaper than going to Court
  • Could resolve your dispute quicker than going to Court
  • Is less formal than a trial by a Judge
  • Allows a wider range of potential forms of resolution

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