Complying with Sponsorship Duties & Maintenance of the Sponsor Licencee

Maintenance of your Sponsor Licence:

When the business is granted their sponsor licence it is valid for 4 years from the date it is granted. The business must then renew their sponsor licence before the expiry.

Employers must ensure that they meet all their compliance duties as sponsor licence holders. This means keeping accurate records of the company and all employees.

Sponsorship Compliance:

As a sponsor licence holder, the employer will have to comply with their duties. Failure to comply with their duties will lead to the sponsorship licence being revoked, downgraded to a B-rating, your Certificate of Sponsorship allocation being reduced and/or financial penalties.

Employers must comply with the following duties:

  • Always keeping records up to date; you must keep a photocopy or electronic copy of the relevant page of each sponsored migrant's passport or Biometric Residence Permit and contact details. Full details of what documents you must retain for each migrant worker can be found in Appendix D. The employer must be ready to provide this information to the Home Office upon request.
  • The employer must report any changes using the Sponsorship Management System. The employer must report within 10 working days if a sponsored migrant does not turn up on their first day of work, if their contract is terminated early, if they are absent from work for more than 10 days without your permission, or if there are significant changes in their contract of employment such as a promotion or a change in core duties.
  • If there are any changes to the organisation for example a merger, changes in business address, changes to key personnel or if a business becomes insolvent etc. this change must be reported to the Home Office within 20 days.
  • Not engaging in behaviour which is not conducive to the public good.

Please see the Home Office guidance in respect of this, Click here

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