Dispute Resolution Solicitors

When a dispute arises in your business or at home, it can be incredibly disrupting to all aspects of your life. 

In our Dispute Resolution team, we have many years experience of offering a tailored service to individuals, companies and businesses, providing legal and commercial advice to meet your needs and assist you in resolving disputes. 

We recognise that the issue of legal proceedings in the courts or tribunals may not be the right or only option for you. We will explore all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including negotiation, mediation, adjudication, arbitration or expert determination, to assist you in resolving disputes in the most practical and commercial manner, so you can seek to maintain commercial relationships or regain neighbourly harmony.

If your case does proceed to Court however, we can also provide you with quality legal advice and knowledge when dealing with all divisions of the High Court, County Court, Specialist Courts, Appeal Court and Property Tribunals.

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