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Claims Against Unlawful Occupiers

Whether it is an individual or a group of travellers who have entered onto your land without permission, or had permission to enter and then refused to leave when asked to do so, we can act promptly and issue trespass proceedings, often on the same day that you speak to us.

Whether it is commercial or residential land, we will speak with the local county courts and obtain a hearing of your possession claim, often within a few days of issuing your claim.  From preparing your possession claim against trespassers through to attending the possession hearing and working with the Court Bailiff, we will keep you advised throughout and let you know how much it will all cost.

For further information, or if you wish to obtain advice about a claim, or defend a claim being brought against land you own, please contact one of our experts:
Adam Manning on 02392 660261 or
Kevin Richardson on 02392 660261 or

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