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Residential Possession and Tenancy Disputes

Whether you simply want to recover your property because you want to live in it yourself, you want to sell it, or for any other reason; or where your tenant is not paying the rent or complying with other terms of the tenancy, we can advise all types of landlords on their options, how to recover possession and how long it will take. 

We offer fixed fees so you know how much it will cost and where possible, we will seek to recover your legal costs from the tenant.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can help with disputes between you and can often make the relationship an easier one.  Where we cannot, or where the issues have gone beyond resolution, we can help landlords obtain possession of their property or seek to enforce the landlord and tenant covenants in the tenancy agreement against the other party.

If you are a landlord you can find more information about the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and your responsibilities as a landlord.

We can offer advise on the following areas of dispute between landlords and tenants:

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements
  • Protected and Rent Act tenancies
  • Repossessions
  • Rent arrears
  • Rent Deposit Schemes
  • Anti-social behaviour, nuisance and noise
  • Repair
  • Injunctions
  • Contracts with managing agents

From 1 December 2016, a landlord or agent will have committed a criminal offence where they know or have ‘reasonable cause to believe’ that any property they are letting is occupied by someone who is disqualified from residing in the UK, regardless of when the tenancy was granted.  

We do not undertake publicly funded housing matters.

For further information, or if you need advice about a claim, or to defend a clam being brought against land you own or live in, please contact our expert Adam Manning on 02392 660261 or


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