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Land and Building Disputes Solicitors

We are able to assist clients such as developers, contractors and sub-contractors as well as members of the public who have entered into a construction/building contract. 

These disputes can be costly and time consuming, even when there is a proper contract in place.  When there is no formal contract, matters can be even more complex.

We will explore with you Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as appropriate, depending on the value and nature of the dispute, by mediation and negotiation, arbitration or adjudication in order to meet your needs and to avoid, if possible, the need for expensive Court action.  However, if Court action cannot be avoided, we are able to issue proceedings in the appropriate Business and Property Courts. 

We are able to offer practical solutions to builders and customers in Residential Building Disputes and Small Commercial Construction Disputes.  If you are a builder providing services to consumers, you should be aware of recent changes in the law on consumer rights.  

For further information, or if you wish to obtain advice about a claim or defend a clam being brought against land you own, please contact one of our experts:
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