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National Apprenticeship Week.

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Apprenticeships are a key strategic objective aligned to our diversity and growth ambitions. National Apprenticeship Week this year runs from 5th - 11th February 2024 and aims to shine a light on the work being done by employers and Apprentices...

Biscoes Solicitors acquire Hudsons Solicitors

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Biscoes Legal Services Ltd (‘Biscoes Solicitors’) acquired the family-run law firm Hudson Solicitors in January 2024. Hudsons Solicitors was setup set up in 2011 by Jonathan Hudson who alongside his sister Mary Hudson built their business to...

John Gurney-Champion's Professional History - Early Years

Nick Gurney-Champion
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My grandfather (Frederick Shepherd Champion) was a solicitor admitted in 1862.  He had two sons who were solicitors, one of whom was my father (Frederick Cecil Gurney Champion) who was admitted in 1893.  He gained first class honours and the Law...