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National Apprenticeship Week.

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Apprenticeships are a key strategic objective aligned to our diversity and growth ambitions.

National Apprenticeship Week this year runs from 5th - 11th February 2024 and aims to shine a light on the work being done by employers and Apprentices across the country. This week we will shine light on all our Apprentices past and present.

Hollie Nixon - Solicitor Graduate Apprenticeship - Dispute Resolution Department

Tell us about your role.

I am a Trainee Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Team. This is my first seat on the SQE Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship pathway.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

After weighing up the options available, I found that the apprenticeship was a no-brainer. My reasons for this are the protected study days ensure you have one day each week to learn the theory which is then applied to the on-the-job training.

What opportunities has doing an apprenticeship given you? What are the benefits?

Choosing the apprenticeship pathway has awarded me plenty of opportunities that include attending mediations and Court hearings to encouraging colleagues who assist with the day-to-day and explain how to navigate legal practice. The benefits of this builds confidence and helps me to believe in myself.

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing an apprenticeship?

Have patience, especially if you are doing a new apprenticeship pathway and be prepared to dedicate more time than suggested to studying as you will find that the majority of the content is self-taught.

Hannah Morgan - Level 4 Conveyancing Technician - Residential Property Department

Tell us about your role.

My role is a legal secretary in Residential Conveyancing, I open files, do admin letters/emails, order searches, handle enquiries, and prepare completion statements and SDLT forms.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I enjoy my position at Biscoes and want to learn more to progress in the future, the company offers courses and qualifications so I signed myself up! I look forward to having more knowledge and the potential to earn more money too.

What opportunities has doing an apprenticeship given you? What are the benefits?

Benefits of an apprenticeship include earning whilst learning, colleagues are available to help answer questions/ give you advice if you’re struggling and it relates to your job/ further your career.

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing an apprenticeship?

Time management and organisation are qualities you need whilst doing an apprenticeship – splitting your time between work and studying whilst also having a social life! Additionally, research what opportunities the apprenticeship/ qualification will give you once you have completed the course (job types & salaries).

Gemma Dudman - Completed Level 3 and Level 4 Business Administration Apprenticeships - Inheritance Protection Department

When I left college, I always thought the next step was university however, I had no idea what I would’ve studied, and I also didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there. I chose an apprenticeship because I could work towards a qualification but still get paid so I could live my life. I started my level 2 business administration apprenticeship at a company I thought I would like, but it turns out that the industry wasn’t for me. It was so easy to go to my mentor and express this to them and I was able to change to a different company, which ultimately was Biscoes. I began my career at Biscoes in reception in one of our branch offices and I had such a lovely team there supporting me each step of the way. I went on to complete my level 3 and 4 business administration apprenticeships with Biscoes, which led to me graduating in 2022. With the knowledge and experience that I had gained, I was able to move up in my career and I now work in the Inheritance Protection department doing a job I never would have pictured myself doing back when I was in college. I now have multiple high-level qualifications and 6 years of experience in a law firm behind me because of my apprenticeship.

To anyone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship, I would 100% recommend it. It’s given me so many opportunities in a job where everyone is so supportive of your goals.