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Opening of the New Graduate Immigration Visa Route

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Opening of the New Graduate Immigration Visa Route:

1 July 2021

Today marks the day of the opening of the new Graduate Immigration route. This graduate visa route provides an opportunity for international students who have graduated to stay in the UK, to either work or search for work at any skill level. It will enable students to stay in the UK for 2 years (undergrad degree) or 3 years (doctoral students) depending on level of qualification obtained.

  • Student must be in the UK to apply under this route
  • The student will not need a sponsor to enable them to work
  • There is no minimum salary threshold or caps on numbers
  • Student will be able to switch jobs
  • This route does not lead to settlement
  • Can also switch to the skilled worker category and this does lead to settlement.

Call the Immigration Team at Biscoes today on 0800 413 463 or email to discuss further.