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World Alzheimer's Day

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The 21st September each year is World Alzheimer’s Day.

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia which affects a person’s ongoing brain function and is a degenerative disease which worsens over time. The exact cause of Alzheimer’s is not currently known and it’s not a normal part of the ageing process. There is no current cure but there are medications which can help relieve some of the symptoms.

Symptoms of the disease can include confusion, memory loss, misplacing items, difficulty solving problems or completing familiar tasks, difficulty with words, poor judgement, trouble with images and spaces and many other possible symptoms.

In April 2022, the Office for National Statistics recorded that dementia and Alzheimer’s’ are the current biggest killers in the UK ahead of cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke and research into Alzheimer’s and dementia is heavily underfunded.

The chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s can be increased by a number of factors including age, a family history of the disease, untreated depression, down syndrome, existing mild cognitive impairments and lifestyle factors associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Knowing someone who may be experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be very difficult for that person and those around them. It can also raise a number of questions and concerns around what may happen in the future, such as whether the person may require care either in their own home or elsewhere, how this might be funded, what support is available and how a person’s finances can be managed once they are unable to do this for themselves.

These are all questions which we can provide advice and guidance on. If you or someone you know, needs assistance in relation to any matter concerning someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, please get in touch with our Court of Protection team, Solicitor, Alison Lee and Trainee Legal Executive, Tasha Bibby or call on 023 9266 0261.