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Raising awareness of Safeguarding in the Scout Movement

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Biscoes supports Campaign raising awareness of Safeguarding in the Scout Movement

A new online campaign has been launched, called Yours In Scouting.  The campaign is run by people who themselves have experienced sexual abuse as young people in The Scout Association, and is being supported by The Good Law Project.  

The Campaign believes that The Scout Association could do more to safeguard children and young people from abuse by Scout Leaders and people in positions of authority – cases of which have been well publicised in the media in recent years. In order to illustrate the scale of the abuse the Campaign have launched a website which asks people who have been affected by abuse of this kind, to anonymously tell their stories.  A link to the website can be found here :

David Hawkins, a specialist in Child and Adult abuse compensation law said “As a former member of the Scout Movement myself, I wholeheartedly support this campaign to highlight where The Scout Association could do better in terms of protecting the young people in their care.  The Scouts mission to provide young people with skills for life and building self confidence have long been part of the fabric of growing up for many people, but historically there have been those who used their position with the Scouts to exploit young people for their own ends.  Hopefully this campaign can help shine a light on where safeguarding can be further improved.”  

If anyone has been affected by these issues and would like confidential advice as to their legal rights, please speak to our experienced team who will advise you in complete confidence.