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Northumberland Park Sports Centre Victims

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Police call for victims of paedophile swimming instructor to come forward!

Emmanuel Brown, a swimming instructor at Northumberland Park Sports Centre in North London, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault by touching at Wood Green Crown Court on 5th December 2022.  The court heard that two separate reports were made to Police in 2020 about their abuse, which took place between 2010 and 2012.  A third victim then came forward to report her abuse which took place in 2019.  All three were girls aged under 13 at the time the abuse began.   Brown is due to be sentenced on 27 February 2023.      

Brown had been a swimming instructor at the Sports Centre since 1995 and Police fear that it was “entirely likely” there are more people who are victims of his offending.  Detective Constable Andreou, who led the investigation said “I have no doubt that Emmanuel Brown is a dangerous sexual predator who poses a significant risk to young children.  Given the offending we know about took place over a decade, it is entirely likely there are other victims of Brown.  I would urge anyone who has been abused by him to come forward and speak to police – you will be listened to and supported by specially trained officers.”

David Hawkins, a specialist in Child Abuse law with Biscoes Solicitors said

“Brown used his position of trust to carry out the abuse of these girls and given the length of time Brown had worked at the Sports Centre it is possible there are others who have yet to come forward.  The people who came forward to report Brown’s abuse showed immense bravery, and I would also echo what the Police have said – that if you have been affected by Brown’s actions, I would urge you to contact the Police.  If you have been affected by this issue and you wanted to find out more about your legal rights, then please do not hesitate to contact our team who will give you expert confidential advice.”