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Gregg Wallace opens up about historic sexual abuse.

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Masterchef presenter, Gregg Wallace, has opened up about being a survivor of sexual abuse.

Speaking on the Men in Mind podcast, in association with mental health charity Mind, Greg Wallace revealed that he was sexually assaulted by the husband of his babysitter when he was 8 years old.

“I didn’t tell anybody at the time, but I did tell my mum when I was older, but she didn’t really seem to want to know,”

“I don’t know how that affected me. I’ve never brought that up in therapy, so I’ve got no idea. But he would touch me and get me to touch him and kiss me as well. It was quite a horrendous situation for a young boy.”

Wallace went on to say:

“If by chance a young person is listening to this, it’s not your fault,” he said. “Please, just get out there and tell somebody.”

David Hawkins is a Child and Adult Abuse compensation law specialist with Biscoes Solicitors.  David says “I have represented many people who have suffered sexual abuse, and often I am the first person they have told their story to.  My advice is always to speak to the Police or to their GP who will listen and support them.”   If you have been affected by this issue, please contact David for confidential advice as to your legal rights.