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Katie Hall

International Child Abduction

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International child abduction – it may not mean what you think and it can affect any family. When we consider the term ‘abduction’, our first thought is often not that the abduction may be by a parent of a child. It may be that one parent...

What are matrimonial home rights?

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What are matrimonial home rights, and do I have any? Matrimonial home rights can play a huge part at the very start of dealing with the family assets. Upon marriage, you have a right to live in your home even if the property is not in your name. The...

Should I wait for the new no-fault divorce?

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No-fault divorce removes the need to blame a party or wait two years. The no-fault divorce option will be available from April 2022. Although it feels as though we have been waiting for this change for many years, the question we are often asked is,...