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Nurse receives compensation following assault by a patient

A nurse was awarded £475,000, after a 5 per cent deduction, for the complex regional pain syndrome in the left wrist and the psychological injury she suffered after sustaining an injury at work in October 2013.

At the time of the incident, the woman sustained an injury to the left wrist when during the course of her employment as a mental health staff nurse for the defendant, a patient threw a television towards her and her colleagues.

As a result of the incident, the woman suffered constant pain in the left hand and wrist which varied in intensity. Some fingers curled inwards, she lost dexterity and the hand felt "alien". Pain also radiated up the arm and she tended to drop items held in the left hand which made domestic tasks and her job more difficult.

The left hand also felt colder than the right hand, it was swollen, sweated more, was hypersensitive and changed colour. She struggled at work and in carrying out activities of daily living, including caring for her disabled son.

She also alleged that her employer failed to make any real adaptations and that she could not continue to work as a mental health nurse due to the risk that further assaults could trigger further CRPS. She was also diagnosed as suffering a mixed anxiety and depressive disorder. Dermatological evidence showed that she had also suffered hair loss associated with stress.

The woman brought an action against the Defendant alleging that it was negligent in failing to provide adequate safeguarding for staff dealing with violent patients, in particular in leaving a television accessible to be thrown by a patient.

Liability was eventually agreed at 95 per cent in the woman’s favour. It was accepted that she had developed CRPS as a consequence of the accident but liability for the accident was initially disputed.

An out of court settlement was agreed in the sum £500,000 total damages on a full liability basis.


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