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Man receives compensation following accident during laser quest game

The claimant, a 34-year-old man, received £2,700 after he walked into an unmarked black box in a dark room during a game of laser quest in December 2015 although liability was denied. He sustained a cut and grazing to the face which took two weeks to heal and he was left with permanent scarring.

On 5 December 2015 the man attended a laser quest game operated by the defendant (D). The room was very dark with neon-illuminated signs and paint. Whilst playing laser quest he walked into a wooden box that had not been illuminated or highlighted and that was painted black.

The man sustained a cut beneath and above the right eye and grazing to the right cheek. The injuries did not affect the man, his lifestyle, work and hobbies. The injury healed within two weeks although he was left with permanent scarring.

Following the accident, the man instructed a specialist personal injury claim to pursue a claim for compensation. The man brought an action against D alleging that it was negligent in (i) failing to take any reasonable care to ensure that he would be reasonably safe; (ii) causing or permitting the premises to be a danger and a trap to persons lawfully using them; (iii) causing or permitting a hazard to be present; (iv) failing to institute or enforce any adequate system of inspection; (v) failing to give the man any adequate warning of the presence of the hazard; (vi) permitting the man to use its premises when it knew or ought to have known that it was unsafe for him to do so.

Liability was denied. The defendant alleged that (i) the boxing unit, causing injury, was floor standing and not raised; (ii) C must have been in a crouching position to hit his face on the boxing unit, which was not permitted within the arena; (iii) the corners of the boxing unit were not sharp as the unit was made of chipboard; (iv) C was the author of his own misfortune as he ignored the crouching restriction and failed to pay sufficient attention to his surroundings; (v) all lighting within the arena was operational and sufficient.

Eventually an out of Court settlement was agreed in the sum of £2700.

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