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For many years now Resolution (a group of lawyers dedicated to a constructive approach to family breakdown) and others have been campaigning for a ‘No Fault’ Divorce.  For too many years there has been a blame culture which has been used to bring to an end many unhappy marriages.

After years of campaigning to resolve this, legislation was passed in 2020 – the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (DDSA 2020) - to enable couples to divorce on a no fault basis. It was hoped that the legislation would be in force by Autumn of 2021.

Since the legislation was passed, the Ministry of Justice has been working on a change to the rules needed to support the new legislation and also working to amend the digital service which allows for on-line divorces.  It is fair to say that the on-line divorce process has not been with us for long and there have been numerous issues with it to date.

Whilst many are disappointed with the delay, let’s hope that from the new implementation date of 6th April 2022, obtaining a divorce will be far more user friendly and ease what can be a very difficult time for the parties.  

For further advice on obtaining a divorce, please contact the family team at Biscoes:

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Franca Webb

Associate Solicitor