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My relationship is ending, should I be talking to a Solicitor?

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When you think your relationship may be ending, is there anything to be gained by contacting Solicitors?

The simple and quick answer to this will most often be yes. I am a true believer in prevention being better than cure and generally it is more cost efficient to take advice early when an issue is looming as opposed to waiting until matters escalate.

When a problem starts to develop, people will often instinctively go to Google and try and work out what they should do to protect their position. Although that may provide some general advice it can send you down the wrong path which could be detrimental to your position. A breakup is a most stressful time and so unpicking all the advice that is out there and working out what best applies to you and your circumstances can be difficult. We can offer advice and a service that is tailored to your case and particular needs; we can listen to the issues and advise you as to the best way to move matters forward and resolve issues.  As a client said to me recently “until speaking with you, I did not know what I did not know” and that is why we are here to help and advise as to what is in your best interests upon a relationship breakdown.

Many people will be aware that in April 2022 the law will be changing for the first time this century in relation to the process by which people can obtain a divorce. The “no fault” divorce will be introduced which it is hoped will take away some of the acrimony associated with the current “fault” based process.  However, as lawyers, we often find that it is not the actual process of bringing the marriage to an end that causes the acrimony, it is the associated matters connected to the ending of the relationship. Obtaining  the Decree Absolute in the divorce, or as it will be known from April 2022 the “final order” does not bring an end to either parties’ financial claims against the other in relation to the assets of the marriage, and potential applications will remain open until such time as there is a Court Order bringing an end to both parties’ claims, save for some minor exceptions.

At Biscoes we offer a wealth of experience with regard to matrimonial matters and separation and we can provide you with in-depth advice as to the options available to you upon a union or a separation and how we can assist you. We can also recommend whether we consider it appropriate for you to speak to one of our colleagues in the Wills and Probate or Conveyancing Department to advise you as to how you can best protect both your interests and those close to you. If ever you are in doubt as to whether we can assist either pre or post cohabitation or marriage, then just contact us and we can discuss how we may be able to help.


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