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Does this scenario resonate with you?

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Are you in a long-term relationship and not married?  Does your partner have children from a previous marriage or relationship? Do you know if your partner has made a will or made any financial provision for you, should they suddenly die?

We have seen this scenario many times and it may surprise you to know that as a cohabitee you have no entitlement to your partner’s estate should they die without making a will.  Alternatively, if they made a will many years ago, before your relationship commenced, that will may leave you without any financial provision which may include you having nowhere to live.

Facing this scenario in the aftermath of losing your loved one can be devastating and add to the upset and trauma you are experiencing.

Thankfully we may be able to help you secure the financial provision and security you need by assisting you with an application for financial provision under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. This act enables a certain class of individual who are dependent on the deceased to make an application for financial provision either because no financial provision was made for you in the deceased's will or under the rules of intestacy (where the deceased died without making a will), or where the will fails to make reasonable provision for your maintenance.

In some circumstances we may be able to assist you on a Conditional Fee (No Win, No Fee) Basis

If you find yourself in this situation, contact our empathetic, experienced specialists in this area who would be happy to discuss your circumstances and assist you in a potential claim against the estate. 

Please call our dedicated onboarding team on 0800 413 463 or contact our two experts Kevin Richardson at our Portsmouth office by e-mail at and our Isle of Wight specialist John Hoey at