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Contentious Probate and Disputes - an overview of our services

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Family structures tend to be more complicated than they once were. People remarry, have step-children and ex-partners. This can lead to an increased chance of disputes arising regarding Estates of those who have died. Probate disputes. This is particularly...

What are the requirements of a valid Will?

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A Will sets out the disposition of property on death and sets out the wishes and intentions of the person making it. A Will comes into effect on death. However, to be valid and effective and to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried...

Does this scenario resonate with you?

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Are you in a long-term relationship and not married? Does your partner have children from a previous marriage or relationship? Do you know if your partner has made a will or made any financial provision for you, should they suddenly die? We have...

Can I challenge a will?

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Can I challenge a will? What is the point of a Will if it can be challenged? Well firstly, a properly drafted will (usually drafted by a solicitor or Will writer) provided it complies with the legal formalities of Section of the Wills Act 1837 is...