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How to Remove a Trustee

Occasionally, a dispute will arise between personal representatives / trustees and beneficiaries that cannot be resolved.

Equally, it is not uncommon for personal representatives to fall out amongst themselves and find that they are unable to work together to effectively administer the estate. If all else fails it may be necessary to consider an application to the Court.

The role of an executor is a responsible position for those appointed under the Will and who agree to accept the position.

Some of the problems that can arise are:

  • Delay in administering the estate
  • Disputes about the sale value of assets
  • Delayed or improper distribution
  • Dispute or impasse between executors

We can advise both in relation to:

  • Pursuing claims against executors or seeking to remove them
  • Advising executors on how to deal with any claims and steps that they can take to protect themselves

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