India Jefferson-Grant

India Jefferson-Grant

Associate Chartered Legal Executive
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India Jefferson-Grant

Associate Chartered Legal Executive

India is an Associate Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer specialising in Mental Health Law. India set up the Mental Health Department within Biscoes in 2018 and is the Legal Aid Supervisor for the Department.

India is also a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Accreditation Scheme which means that she has been independently examined and accepted by the Law Society as an expert in Mental Health Law and is thus able to represent individuals detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended) (MHA 1983) before the First-Tier Tribunal (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber).

India has a wealth of experience in assisting, advising and representing individuals detained under the MHA 1983 and is dedicated to her clients and putting their rights at the heart of their cases. India takes an individualistic approach to all of her cases and is a passionate advocate for her clients.

India was awarded ‘Runner Up’ for Junior Lawyer of the Year 2019 at the Hampshire Law Society Legal Awards 2019. She also achieved a ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the category of Young Lawyer of the Year at the LawNet Awards 2019/20.

India can advise in the following: -

  • Hospital Managers Hearings – representation of individuals detained under MHA 1983 in Hospital Manager Hearings, whether a requested hearing or renewal hearing
  • Tribunal Hearings – representation of individuals detained under MHA 1983 in Mental Health Tribunal Hearings before the First-Tier Tribunal
  • Care and Treatment Reviews (CTR) – advocating for patients with Autism and/or Learning Disability cases in CTRs
  • Care Programme Approach (CPA) meetings – advocating for patients within CPA meetings
  • Section 117 aftercare meetings – advocating for patients within Section 117 aftercare meetings and challenging any issues relating to aftercare/funding
  • Legality of admission to hospital – including review of Section Papers to ensure legality of detention/admission
  • Consent to treatment provisions – including advice in relation to the legality of treatment provided to patients detained under MHA 1983
  • Relative rights and powers – including advising relatives of individuals detained under MHA 1983 of the process, procedures and their rights and powers, particularly in relation to Nearest Relatives of patients

Did you know?

Before India became a Lawyer, she worked as an ‘Extra’ in various films and TV series. She even met Pierce Brosnan once!

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