Employee Testimonials

“Biscoes is a wonderful place to work. It is a place where you feel valued and listened to. Relationships between colleagues are strong and it is a fun and productive environment to work in. From my own experience, I have been supported relentlessly during my training contract and would highly recommend working at Biscoes if you are looking to develop your legal career.” Alex Strickland
“I joined Biscoes in November 2020 to start my Business Admin apprenticeship. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support and kindness I have had from my colleagues throughout my time here and its reassuring to know the work I do is appreciated and valued. We are now talking about how I can progress within Biscoes once I have finished my apprenticeship.”Heidi Peck
“As a Trainee Solicitor, it is so important that the firm you qualify at, is as much a fit for you, as it is for the Firm. Without any hesitation, I can say that Biscoes is an outstanding place to not only train & learn, but to thrive. Supervised by experienced and approachable legal professionals, you are trusted and encouraged to develop your own identity and are given the appropriate tools to gain experience, so that when you qualify, you are ready and able to hit the ground running.” Troy Atkin
“I feel extremely lucky and proud to be able to be a part of Team Biscoes. I have never worked anywhere where people chip in and help out when needed and every member carries a great sense of dedication to their role. I love what I do and have learnt a great deal working here in such a short period of time; and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.” Jessica Hart
“I started working in the Commercial Department at Biscoes in August 2021. I have worked for various firms in the past and I cannot stress enough how much Biscoes does not even compare to them. They say you spend around 1/3 of your life at work so it is important that you spend it happy. Biscoes can certainly offer that. I still find it strange coming to work every day and being made to feel so at home. My colleagues and superiors are more like friends and confidants than staff. In addition, the support you receive for your physical and mental wellbeing is immeasurable. There are various perks including unlimited holiday and a healthcare plan that is so important to keep yourself well. The HR department is extremely supportive and understanding at all times. My superiors constantly focus on my achievements, no matter how small and are not shy to remind me of my positive attributes. My colleagues and I regularly socialise outside of work, it is lovely to genuinely enjoy your colleagues company. In summary, it is a firm that really understands if you are happy and healthy then this will reflect in your work. It is nice to be home.” Kerry Leigh Upton
“I began working for Biscoes in August 2019 after one of my friends recommended me and ever since I have been continuously supported in not only my current job role, but also my future role as a Chartered Legal Executive. I am extremely grateful that Biscoes are giving me the opportunity to complete CILEx and progress my future legal career whilst working alongside my studies as this allows me to apply the in house practicing of law with what we learn at College each week. Everyone at Biscoes is so supportive, encouraging and friendly.”  Olivia Green


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