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No fault divorce update

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Earlier in the week I was worried that, with the new #nofaultdivorce becoming law on 6 April 2022 and the lack of information being given to practitioners  about the forms and the online divorce platform, we would struggle to be ready despite all the training we had undertaken.

Resolution, a community of family lawyers and others working in family justice, has come to the rescue with a copy of the information pack issued by the government. 

The systems are now in place, the forms updated and a timetable has been published – thank you #Resolution for sharing this with us

One of the pieces of information we now have is that while the systems are changed over at the court, there will be a one week period between 4 pm on 31 March until 6 April when the court will not accept any new petitions.

We are currently discussing with clients whether they want to issue their petitions quickly under the current provisions, citing a reason for the breakdown in the marriage, or wait to issue under the new No Fault arrangements after 6 April by which time we are all hopeful the systems will be in place and working. 

With this being one of the most important changes in the way divorce is dealt with for over 50 years you may find it helpful to speak to one of our #familylawyers at #Biscoes who can guide you through the law, advise you on your options and help you reach a financial settlement. 

If you need advice contact Biscoes on 023 9266 0261 or through our website at and speak to one of our experienced Family Lawyers who can guide you through your options and advise you on the divorce process and any financial settlements.