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How a good family lawyer can give you a good divorce

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In a divorce there are no winners or losers, but there is such a thing as a GOOD DIVORCE and you can make this happen with the right approach and the right lawyer helping you.

Family law can be complicated and whatever your situation it would be sensible to speak to a family lawyer for advice.

Even if you think you cannot afford a lawyer for the whole process, you should speak to someone to help understand your position and make sure you are protected.  You can ask a lawyer to check over papers to make sure they are legally binding.  Some lawyers will quote you a fixed price for the work, to help you budget.

If you decide to instruct a lawyer to help you, they will make sure your best interests are looked after, help you to reach agreement and help and advise you throughout the process.  If the case goes to court they will represent you in court.

So, how do you find a good lawyer? 

Personal recommendation is worth a lot and a good lawyer will have a good reputation.  But if you do not know anyone to ask, look at reviews online, such as or find a lawyer with the skills you need through  an organisation of family lawyers committed to dealing with matters in a constructive way.  Whoever you chose should be registered with the Law Society and regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority.

You should make sure the lawyer has the skills and knowledge to help you with the issues you have.  Make sure you are honest about your situation and what you want to achieve as not all cases are the same, but a good family lawyer will have the experience to be able to give you good and honest advice based on your circumstances.

Having a rapport with the lawyer is very important as you will be working together.  The lawyer should be helping you to find #ABetterWay

But more important than all of this is keep your lines of communication open with your former partner – to discuss important issues about the children, about your finances, about what is best for you both.  This will save on time, costs and the emotional strain of your separation. 

And finally- keep calm. There is an end and you will often move on much happier and more confident with the outcome than when you first approached us.

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