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Court of Protection Fees

It was  recently been announced that as of the 25th July 2018, application fees to the Court of Protection will reduce from £400 to £385. Appeal fees will also be reduced from the same date from £400 to £320. This follows the announcement last year to reduce fees on Lasting powers of attorney.

What is not clear yet is whether those who have paid higher fees in previous years will be able to seek a refund as was possible for those who paid higher fees in LPA applications. A refund scheme was previously adopted by the Office of the Public Guardian for Lasting Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney registered between 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017, where refunds can be claimed by 31 January 2021 by making application . If you require any help with this please contact Jessica Boyle of Biscoes vulnerable client team on

The Biscoes Vulnerable client team will keep its ear to the ground and ensure we provide any refund information on Court of Protection fees if this is announced – watch this space!

Should you require advice or assistance in relation to Court of Protection Applications or Appeals contact the Biscoes Vulnerable client team on 02392660261


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