Collaborative Law

The main principle in relation to Collaborative Family Law is that the parties work together as a team with their respective Lawyers to work out all disputes, without the underlying threat of referring the matter to Court. The basis of the Collaborative Family Law negotiations are that if a Client is signed up to Collaborative Family Law, nothing can be filed with the Court, unless there is specific agreement in respect of such.

Each Client has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own Lawyer. Together the Lawyers and Clients meet to discuss all the issues that need to be addressed. The Lawyers agree that they are there to help the Clients resolve those issues constructively. They are not there to take the case to Court and are prevented from doing so. Both parties have to sign an agreement confirming that they agree to these principles.

For further information and details of the services we provide under the collaborative law process please click on “Meet the Team” which provides details of our collaboratively trained lawyers.

Alternatively, for general advice regarding the process click on the attached link to the collaborative family lawyers group.