Deputyship Responsibilities

The deputy's responsibilities typically include:

  • completing an annual report or account for the Office of the Public Guardian

  • completing tax returns

  • preserving access to the relevant state benefits and ensuring any care is correctly funded

  • investing and budgeting to ensure that funds will last as long as they are needed

  • arranging payments, which may include care costs on an ongoing basis or employing a care team

  • buying, selling and / or adapting a house

    The Court of Protection recognises that deputies may need professional support in carrying out their role. Our experienced team can provide help and advice on all aspects of acting as an effective deputy.

    We can also advise on making Wills for those who lack the capacity to make one for themselves, known as a statutory Will, and making gifts to others out of the funds held by a deputy.

    Acting as a deputy is a long term commitment and occasionally a deputy may wish to retire from the role. If there is no other suitable person to take over the role we can be appointed as a professional deputy, and continue to work closely with a family whilst carrying the burden of the deputy’s duties.

    To arrange a discussion with a Court of Protection solicitor contact us on 02392 660261.