Care Proceedings

When the Local Authority raise concerns about the care of your children, or your children are taken into care we understand how stressful and upsetting this can be for parents.  We understand that when dealing with your children’s future, you will require expert legal advice but also a solicitor who will be sympathetic to what you are going through and be supportive throughout the proceedings

We have a specialist Child Care department headed by Alison Lee, Head of Care and Vulnerable Client, who can advise you and ensure your position is fairly represented in court. Representation in care proceedings is funded by legal aid, regardless of your financial circumstances, so do not delay in seeking our advice.


We advise parents, family members or potential adopters on the intricacies related to adoption. We can also provide specialist advice on a range of matters including adopting a child from care, or a child within the family, or a child in this country who has been brought to this country from overseas, contact with children about to be adopted or who have been adopted, negotiating with social services about support services for children and their adoptive carers where children are about to be or have been adopted.

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