Court of Protection

The Court of Protection makes decisions and appoints people to act as deputies on behalf of those who are no longer able to make decisions about their health and welfare, property and finances, and who haven't made provision by appointing a Power of Attorney. It also resolves disputes that arise from Power of Attorney appointments and has the power to make statutory wills.

Any Court of Protection Deputy must be over the age of eighteen.

Stepping in to help manage things for a relative or friend who cannot manage their own affairs can be a worrying thing to do. Biscoes Solicitors Care and Vulnerable Client team are here to help you get answers and help with any Court of Protection matters.

We can provide expert advice, support and re representation, whether you want to resolve a power of attorney dispute or make an application to become a deputy on behalf of a Friend or relative who can no longer manage their own affairs, this may be a disabled child or relative or someone suffering dementia.

The Court of Protection team is led by Alison Lee as Solicitor and Advocate for over 20 years and vast experience in working with vulnerable clients and their families.

Making an application to the Court of Protection can be a very lengthy and time consuming process.  Our specialist team can help you through the application process from beginning to end, and if required act as Court of Protection Deputies.

If you would like further information, please contact the Care and Vulnerable Client team.