Changing Ownership Arrangements / Transfers of Equity

The need to Transfer Ownership of a Property can arise in a number of situations.

  1. If you own Property jointly with someone else then on their death it may be necessary to transfer the Property into the name of the Survivor.In some cases ownership will pass automatically, but in other situations transfer to the other home owner will not be automatic and the Property may need to be dealt with under a Will or Intestacy Provisions (if someone died without making a Will);
  2. If couples separate then one partner may seek to ‘buy the other out’ so that they become the Sole Owner;
  3. You may wish to “gift” a property to someone else, either a family member of a loved one.

At Biscoes we can advise you on the different options and the type of ownership that would suit you best. We will do everything possible to minimise any stress and ensure that we look after your best interests; taking into account your current wishes and circumstances and any future ‘family planning’ needs that may arise.

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