Rabia Aleem

Head of Immigration

Rabia is a diligent, multi-lingual and client driven individual who has acquired a proven track record as an immigration expert representing clients in various entry or in country applications, asylum, entry clearance, student visa extension, EEA2, EEA4, bail, human rights article 8 and deportation court hearings. Illustrates enormous potential and has successfully led and achieved the best possible outcomes when dealing with a multitude of complex cases; building bridges to cover the gap between legal expertise, immigration and a passion for human rights.

As a fluent speaker of English, Swedish, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, this has proven to be extremely useful when dealing with a diverse range of clients from many different cultures and countries.

Her passion for immigration, and commitment to going above and beyond customer expectations, to secure the best possible outcome for each and every client. She always deals with clients' immigration cases by putting herself in their position and by understanding the importance of each case from their point of view. She has very good skills of assessing prospects of success in an immigration cases as well as choosing the right options for a client in particular circumstances of his case. She believes in giving 100% honest opinion on merits of the case. As a result, if an application, immigration appeal or Judicial Review (JR) will not be able to succeed according to my professional experience, she will let clients know about it. 

Very experienced representing many clients in asylum, clearance, visa extension, bail, and human rights cases. Interviewing clients to establish needs, criteria and following up pending cases to keep track of court decisions. Carefully sifting through data to identify key facts and building cases that address requirements and HO criteria. Corresponding with UKBA and applying the strict principles of immigration law, policies and the HO directorates. Dealing with student visa extensions, deportations, leave to enter, LR, ILR and naturalisation for various clients. Processing in country and out of country applications, lodging appeals and preparing evidence for case bundles. Representing clients at tribunals, human rights appeals and submitting point based system applications to HO. Checking witness statements, judicial reviews, and lodging detailed human rights applications under ECHR 1950