Gabor Kovacs

Associate Solicitor

As a solicitor advising business owners, I aim to help them achieve their objectives. 

I advise and assist across a range of areas of business law, non-contentious and contentious.

Non contentious advice on: business purchases/sales, contracts; regulation; corporate transactions; business structures; employment; dispute avoidance/risk management - and more.

If the matter is contentious, my approach wherever possible is to try to achieve a good and cost effective result - out of court.  - as quickly as possible. I encourage mediation and other out-of-court ways of resolving disputes. I advise on nipping problems in the bud. If that doesn't work, and the case has to be fought, I will fight for my clients.

I am also a keen photographer – I took many of the profile pictures used on Biscoes’ web site.  I appear to have a new favourite album every week, I grow things in my greenhouse and garden, and I am learning to play mandolin.  I do all these things when my greyhound lets me have the time.

A keen photographer, Gabor is also our arbiter of musical taste, claiming to have a new favourite album every week!  He grows things in his greenhouse and garden, and is teaching himself to play the mandolin.