You Don't Always Have To Prove Negligence to Win Compensation

With expert legal representation, it is not always necessary for accident victims to prove negligence in order to win compensation. In one case, a motorist's insurance company agreed to pay damages of £1 million to a seriously injured road accident victim despite maintaining their denial that the driver was in any way to blame.

The case concerned a 23-year-old man who was aged 13 and on his way home from school when the motorist's car struck him. He suffered severe head injuries, multiple broken bones and internal damage and his survival was initially in doubt. After many months of rehabilitation, he learned to speak and walk again. However, he remains intellectually and physically disabled and will require care for life.

Lawyers representing the man sued the motorist, whose insurers denied that she bore responsibility for the accident. However, following negotiations, they agreed to a seven-figure settlement of the case without making any admission of liability. The money will provide support and care for the man throughout his life and his mother described the settlement as a huge weight off her mind.

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