Police Officer Wins Over £12,000 for Flea Bite

A freedom of information request regarding compensation paid to police officers emphasises that employees who are injured at work will be entitled to damages if their employer is responsible for their injuries.

One case concerned a police officer employed by West Midlands Police who was bitten by a flea whilst at work in the police station. He received £12,127 in compensation after the bite resulted in complications that necessitated emergency surgery. In cases where the employee has suffered greater injury than might normally be expected, the defendant employer remains responsible for the full extent of the injury.

This was one of six claims against West Midlands Police in 2016-2017 that resulted in a payout of more than £5,000. In total, West Midlands Police settled 14 claims over the period, leading to settlements totalling more than £60,000. These included damages for falls at work and for manual handling injuries.

The amount of a settlement will reflect the severity of the employee's injuries and take into account factors such as loss of earnings and any impact on quality of life. Having experienced legal representation is crucial to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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