Good Divorce Week

Getting divorced can be a very difficult and emotional time and people need someone on their side to help them through it. A family solicitor can guide someone through this process and ease the burden of the emotional rollercoaster that a divorce can bring.

The most obvious benefit of having a family solicitor is that they have experience and knowledge of family law and it is likely that without legal advice people are ill informed and may miss or misrepresent facts that can prove to be extensively damaging. As divorce is very procedural, a family solicitor will be able to ensure that it is conducted correctly and presented in the proper manner so that mistakes are not made which could incur further costs. A family solicitor can lower the stress and ease the process so it is therefore important to seek legal advice so that those wishing to get divorced are fully informed of the procedure, the options available, where they stand, and what their rights are.

Divorce is not just the end of a marriage it can also have an impact on the things that matter most in life; children, the family home and finances. It is these wider issues that are a product of the divorce that can continue long after the parties have ended their marriage and where there isn’t an agreement between parties, seeking legal advice is often the only option.

If there are any children of the marriage a family law solicitor can advise on any issues that arise in relation to them. It could be that two parties find it difficult to make arrangements for the children in terms of where they will live, what contact the parties will have with the children and in making important decisions for the child, for example, where they will attend school. Where there are children involved the Court’s view is that their welfare is the first consideration which without legal advice some people can forget but a solicitor can help focus the parties’ minds and try to help them come to a suitable arrangement which is in their child’s best interests.

The financial implications of divorce can also be a daunting subject and one which can become very complicated without legal advice. All financial matters have to be considered including property, income and earning potential, pensions, debts and any other assets. The marital home itself can be a very emotive subject for some people. Once upon a time it was a happy place and it will hold many memories especially if children were born and grew up in the home. In addition, it is usually the largest asset the couple are likely to own so it often plays a central part of the divorce process. It is therefore important that legal advice is sought so that full financial disclosure is shared between the parties and once there is a clear picture of everything advice can be given on the best way forward to reach a fair and suitable agreement.

Without a solicitor it is easy for people to get caught up in the stress and emotion of the divorce process which can take its toll and this is where things can go wrong. A family solicitor is not emotionally involved, takes the stress away and can present a case in an impartial and fair way which will hopefully put an end to what can be a very difficult period in their client’s lives. A family solicitor can also discuss the various ways to deal with all issues including using mediation and the collaborative process. The key is to keep matters as amicable as possible to allow both parties and in particular, any children, to move on.

Its Good Divorce Week from 28th November to the 2nd December 2016. Seek advice to get a ‘good divorce’ #abetterway

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