Who wants a "day in court"?


‘Craig’ and ‘Shirley’ have been involved in a divorce case that has been ongoing for more than two years. They have two young children and they are just about to enter a final hearing at the Family Court. The couple have spent over £35,000 already arguing over assets with a total value of £550,000 and are likely to spend a further £20,000 on the final hearing

The Judge at the Court has urged Shirley to reach an out of Court settlement with Craig and has told them that divorces do not need to be like boxing matches. Craig and Shirley have been put through a significant amount of stress and anxiety over the last 12 months not to mention substantial legal costs and delay over resolving issues following their separation.

Where young children are involved it is vital that parents communicate well and are able to get along after the separation as they will of course remain parents to those children for the rest of their lives. What good will it do the family if the assets are reduced by legal fees and the couple fight it out in Court? There are no real winners in Court proceedings and relationships can be irreparably damaged. Many couples are discovering the benefit of looking for other ways of resolving their disputes and mediation is a perfect way to retain the assets and allows the couple to come to a grown up and sensible solution that does not end up with a permanently fractured relationship.

We can help with many couples going through similar disputes and help them to come to a workable solution both in terms of their finances, property and indeed arrangements for their children. We can help you to reach an amicable settlement that is family and child focused right from the beginning. Please give us a call if you are in need of an alternative approach to family dispute resolution.

It’s Family Mediation Week from 11-15th January 2016. For more information please visit contact a member of our family team at one of your local offices.

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