Boy Compensated for Glass Cut in Park

A boy who was seriously injured when he cut himself on broken glass in a public park is set to receive a six-figure sum in compensation.

The boy, then 12 years old, was playing football when he landed on a shard of glass. He was badly cut and suffered permanent nerve damage to his hand.

A claim was brought against the local authority. The boy's lawyers argued that vandals regularly smashed bottles in the park and there was a foreseeable risk to people who used it.

A judge initially dismissed his claim, but that decision was overturned by the High Court. The local authority had failed to provide details of risk assessments in respect of the park, its site management plan or inspection records, in breach of a court order. Because of that failure, its defence to the claim should have been struck out before the trial. The Court also found that the judge's conclusions could not be supported on the evidence.

The amount of compensation the boy will receive has yet to be decided, but his lawyers have estimated the value of his claim at around £200,000.

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