Intellectual Property

When “brand” is so important in the identity of a business, it is vital to protect the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyright and design rights.

Intellectual property law is extremely complex. Our team works with trusted specialist partners and can assist with matters such as preparing licence and other agreements.

  • A trade mark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognisable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services so as to distinguish them from others. Registered trade marks are often identified by the symbols ™ or ®.

    Using the trade mark of another business without proper authority can lead to expensive action for infringement of the trade mark owner’s “intellectual property rights”

  • Copyright is the exclusive right, given to the creator of a creative work, to reproduce the work usually for a limited time.

    Copyright protection can apply to literary or artistic or musical works. It can also apply to other works and to industrial and product designs.

    Copyright protection enables the holder of the copyright to control reproduction, public performance, the creation of derivative work, and “moral rights” such as the right to be identified as the author or creator of the work.

  • Design rights are intellectual property rights that protect the visual design of objects that are not purely utilitarian or functional. Typically these consist of the creation of a shape, configuration or composition of pattern or colour.

    In the United Kingdom design rights are protected under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. Design right laws exist in many countries around the world.

  • A patent is an intellectual property right that gives its owner the exclusive legal right to make, use and sell an invention for a limited period of years. In exchange, the patent holder must publish a detailed disclosure of the invention.

    The holder of a patent can take legal action against anyone who infringes his patent rights by manufacturing or selling items using his invention.

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