Forces Legal Network (Forces Law)

The Forces Legal Network known as "Forces Law". Is a network of independent firms of Solicitors throughout the United Kingdom which offers a comprehensive legal; service for members of the Armed Forces throughout the UK, Europe and other parts of the world.

Biscoes are an essential part of Forces Law and were involved in the initial setting up of the network.

We have experience of the particular legal needs of service personnel and understand the difficulties that can sometimes be caused by service life and regulations.

Forces Law is increasingly being recognised by senior members of the Armed Forces as providing independent specialist advice in relation to Armed Forces matters. We receive, therefore, recommendations from the Law Society (our Governing Body); the Royal British Legion; SSAFA; the Tri Service Welfare Authorities; the Tri Service Police; and from various units and individuals direct.

Biscoes operates a number of Legal Advice Clinics in Service Establishments including:

  • HMS Nelson
  • HMS Excellent (Whale Island)
  • HMS Sultan
  • HMS Collingwood
  • Marchwood

Each of the Advice Clinics is attended by a Solicitor who provides a free initial consultation limited normally to thirty minutes. Thereafter, an individual may be seen on a normal private or Publicly Funded (Legal Aid) basis at one of our offices.

Under arrangements made between Forces Law firms and the Ministry of Defence serving and retired service personnel may be entitled to a discount of 10% on net profit costs [excluding any third party disbursements] if such cannot be recovered from a Third Party. Please contact us for details as to your eligibility for such discount scheme.

We can help with:

  • Courts Martial and Disciplinary Proceedings.
  • Service Regulations
  • Personal Injury and Accident Claims
  • Family, Children and Adoption
  • Crime
  • Bereavement
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Employment Problems
  • Sale and Purchase of Property
  • Property Leasing and Letting
  • Starting a Business and Resettlement
  • Wills and other associated advice