Disabled Twin Wins £6 Million From NHS

Giving birth is usually a joyful event, but there are risks and experienced legal representation will give you the help that you need if the worst happens. In one case, a twin girl who was born severely disabled due to a rare condition that caused the tragic death of her sibling has won £6 million in compensation to cover the costs of her care.

Whilst in their mother's womb, the babies suffered from twin transfusion syndrome, a condition that results in one twin having increased circulation at the expense of the other. One of them died before birth and the other was starved of oxygen. She has been left blind and severely physically and mentally disabled.

The NHS trust that ran the hospital admitted liability for the surviving twin's injuries on the basis that warning signs of the condition had been negligently missed. The High Court approved a settlement of the case, whereby the girl, aged 15, will receive a £2.6 million lump sum plus index-linked and tax-free annual payments to ensure that she receives professional care for the rest of her life.