Commercial Legal Health Check - Free Initial Consultation


Businesses evolve quickly. Contracts are drawn up, signed, filed and often forgotten. Unfortunately this can mean that crucial contracts might expire without the parties realising it, or that if one party fails to honour the terms of an agreement the other party might not notice.

To give you peace of mind, a Legal Health-Check will identify any areas needing attention. For a fixed fee we will come to your business and review all of your documents and processes. This will help you to know you are complying with your obligations, that others are complying with their obligations to you, and help you to reduce your legal exposures and the financial implications.

This can be particularly beneficial if you are planning to sell your business at some stage in the future. These are some of the things that a Legal Health-Check can assist you with:

  • Ensuring that all your important business relationships are properly documented
  • Checking that your key contracts are still valid and in force
  • Confirming that suppliers and contractors are complying with their agreements
  • Identifying whether there are new regulations that you need to comply with
  • Protecting any new intellectual property that you may have created

At the end of the Legal Health Check, we will highlight key areas requiring attention and an action plan addressing any issues that were identified. Call Biscoes today to set up your free initial consultation with Roger Salvetti on 01329 833249 or email


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